We ARE Different: READ before U buy!

Why we are different? Simple, we want to be different from others.

We are completely different from others, what's the different?

  • Our Satay Boutique offering "ATAS" (premium) environment for your dining experience
  • We DO NOT charge you on wet tissue, tissue, napkin, gloves and all relevant amenities in shop or in washroom are FREE
  • We are NOT able to be on-par with food fast pace and serve your food fast as all our food are freshly cooked, we DO NOT prepare/cook more than two sets/portions of food at the same time

Niche is our philosophy hence our Satay is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Why?

  • Our Satay is Malacca Hainanese style which is NOT sweet but savory salty
  • Our Satay Sauce is also completely different from others, our Satay Sauce is very tangy and mild spiciness; you can ask for more peanuts if you like though we put in the right amount most of our customers preference
  • Some say our Pork Signature Satay is a bit dry and doesn't have the caramelized looks:
    • Yes, we don't use any syrup, sugar or artificial flavoring but only spices
    • Syrup or sugar makes the satay looks caramelized and shinning (the "kilat" feel) which is very unhealthy
  • We DON'T use charcoal to grill as it is very unhealthy and we has been eating too much charcoal powder, however our satay do have the "chao tah" (charred) look and taste
  • What is the different between Pork Signature and Pork Special Satay?
    • Pork Signature Satay is lean meat with pork fat in between
    • Pork Special Satay is between lean meat and pork belly (as it is too fat), this is the best part of the whole pig - the BEST of Both World

How to EAT Satay the RIGHT ways:

  • Satay is best consumed within 5 minutes, for take away/delivery taste will be affected for sure - anyone told you it will not, that is NOT possible at all unless you purchase our disposable griller and grill it yourself before you eat; even so it still will not be perfect as the heat level (temperature) can't be as high as commercial/standard griller
  • Best is to eat the whole stick one short as we designed to be eaten in this way
  • The BEST Satay 1-2-3 way to eat Satay
    • Eat the whole stick at once
    • Make sure you chew for at least 10 - 20 times
    • Put it on your tongue, suck the savory juices and then swallow it

Things to note:

  • Most of our food are made in-house from scratch unless specified
  • We use Rice Bran oil to cook
  • We use Basmati rice for our nasi lemak, we use Japanese rice for our steamed rice and/or all rice related products
  • We use boneless chicken leg for our Chicken Satay instead of breast meat

Let us know if you have further doubt or question, enjoy Satay 1-2-3.

Thank you for going through our README, if you are ok with the above mentioned then go order la...