About BigBrand

It is heavenly enjoyment for your body, soul and taste bud to enjoy a healthily prepared unusual Malacca Style Salty Savory Hainanese satay in a cozier (ATAS - "Premium") environment (no sweat), most of our ingredients and condiments are organically sourced.
Our founder is Malacca/Malaysian-born Singaporean; a crazy eater, like to cook since 13 years old and living abroad for many years thus everything has to be “diy”; he is an IT savvy turned F&B entrepreneur, with his intensive and experienced business exposure around Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China region with multiple MNC (multi-national-company) after more than a decade, he decided try something new, he wanted to bring the best quality food to serve serious eater like you. There isn’t any “generation pass down” recipe but a recipe that our founder spent years to create and fine tuned with countless “POC” (proof of concept) by relatives, friends and crazy eaters – now he present “the Hainanese satay by a Malaccan”…
Remember to eat the healthier way, this is how to enjoy our satay - chew slowly and steadily for more than 10 times until your mouthful of satay lost all its texture, use your tongue to enjoy the special unusual taste of our satay; our “makan” formula -> chew 20x | leave it on your tongue | suck the juice & taste it - yummy...
BigBrand Social Responsibility
We know the importance of helping the unfortunate, we will donate:
  • $0.01 per stick of satay sold
  • Others – 1% of the revenue
Target audience
  • Both locally and emerging countries
  • Youth education related
  • Youth medical related
Let’s work together towards a better world!