JUNE PROMO - Lunch 1 for 1 and Dinner 30% OFF PLUS 10% takeout discount

How JUNE PROMO works?

    • Lunch 1 for 1
    • Dinner 30% OFF
    • Any out of timing/wrong timing order(s) will be voided
    • For Takeout 10% additional discount: It will be process by the system and 10% of total food price will be refunded back to your account as store credit and ONLY applies to PayNow payment method, credit card payment are NOT entitled for 10% takeout discount
    • BigBrand reserved all rights to modify, cancel, void any transaction(s) without further notice, explanation and/or reason.

    Ordering is simple, just select two items from either of the collections stated above and apply coupon code at checkout page, one of it will be free, it is OK to have multiple products in one shopping cart and no multiple order needed. 

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